About Home For Maltese

At Home For Maltese, our devotion to our puppies is unmatched. We aspire to be recognized as a compassionate Maltese breeder, dedicated to guiding individuals in finding their perfect furry companions. What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to staying connected via facetime throughout your puppy’s growth, ensuring their well-being and happiness. Moreover, we stand out by offering comprehensive support, equipping you with essentials for your dog’s initial weeks at home, such as a mother-scented blanket, food, and a carrier.

Our Maltese dogs are chosen for their sweet dispositions and excellent health. Our adult dogs receive affection, vaccinations, and regular grooming.

We don’t breed Maltese solely for profit; instead, we reinvest earnings from our professions into our breeding efforts. Our goal is to maintain family unity through responsible breeding practices, and the price we set for our puppies reflects the expenses incurred in raising them since birth. To us, our Maltese pets are regarded as cherished family members, not just animals. Our strong stance against unethical breeding practices like puppy mills and backyard breeding ensures that every puppy sold is desexed before leaving for their new homes, raised primarily as beloved pets.